Our approach

Our way of working

We provide a fully integrated approach. With a diverse group of designers and strategists, we pull together the soft and hard needs of a work environment into one seamless process. 

Our architects, engineers, designers, strategists, project leaders and construction professionals work with our clients as a single team. We take on full responsibility for the success of the project and act as a single point of accountability.



A single team


Our cross-disciplinary design teams enable us to prototype high performance work environments that are sustainable, functional, safe and contribute to a more productive and enjoyable working experience.


With 15 offices worldwide, and over 1000 people, we provide our clients with enterprise- wide leadership, expertise and continuity on their projects as the “go-to” team, incorporating best practices from our work worldwide.


Combining an understanding of human behavior with business needs, we guide organizations through a process of discovery, redefining how staff engage within the workplace.


People are different and solutions are personal, but all of our work revolves around the fundamental principles of deep understanding, business analysis and spatial experience.

Design isn't a fixed procedure, people are different, solutions are personal. And depending upon the project some starting points are more natural, some may require prerequisites and others may trigger further activity.

Ultimately, the flow is unique to each client, but we've developed a matrix - a way of working - that values collaboration, analysis and solutions in equal weight.

We'll guide you through it in the most effective manner to achieve the best possible results.


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