Senior Workplace Strategist

M Moser Associates SAN FRANCISCO, CA office is looking for a Senior Workplace Strategist.

Job Overview

M Moser Associates Strategy Team offers consulting services in strategic workplace planning which encompasses real estate analysis, repositioning, relocation analysis, workflow and productivity, change management, design management, environmental branding and experience, and data management.

As a key member of the design strategy arm of the business, you will work with a larger multidisciplinary team to observe, assess and address our clients’ workplaces and their functionality. This includes the review of our clients’ portfolio against their industry competitors, assessment of the current and future of the client’s real estate and facilities, and subsequently making recommendations on concepts, designs and delivery of workplace projects, all with the objective of improving design quality, workplace performance, and ensuring alignment with our client’s business goals.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead the strategy efforts in multiple projects
  • Confidently manage client expectations and decision making
  • Provide recommendations with respect to workplace planning, design, architecture, wellness and sustainability
  • Interactively resolve design and occupancy planning challenges within business constraints with the designers, architects, project managers and technical teams
  • Research and analyze global shifts and trends in work behaviors to develop and improve recommendations with respect to physical, digital and social workplaces
  • Develop occupancy plans and planning studies
  • Actively listen to clients to ensure our responses are accurate, clear, and concise
  • Continually seek out information on productivity trends
  • Develop and evolve the use of best practices to enhance efficiencies throughout the process
  • Share strategy thought leadership within the firm and to the market
  • Mentor and collaborate with other strategists in the office and globally
  • Collaborate with our marketing team to illuminate prospective clients on the value of strategy
  • Represent the firm outwardly by participating in industry speaking engagements, demonstrate thought leadership by publishing articles in leading industry publications.

At M Moser Associates, we see the world differently. Our DNA is design and implementation - we revel in those who are as passionate as we are to challenge the status quo and build great things as part of a team. We focus greatly on our people, providing them with opportunities to grow and develop professionally, while appreciating their diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Our teams enjoy working closely with a variety of amazing clients and being part of award winning projects.

M Moser Associates also offers competitive compensation including one of the best benefits plans in the market. Most importantly - When you join M Moser Associates you become part of a global community that wants to see you succeed!

Attitudes, Values & Characteristics

As M Moser Associates Senior Workplace Strategist it is essential that you are comfortable with uncertainty on not knowing the answer and never jumping to conclusions. You are someone with a knack or knowing the right questions to ask then actively listening as our clients’ tell us their answers, without “leading the witness”, so to speak.

As a Senior Workplace Strategist, you take the perspective that the work environment is a powerful communication tool and business resources and are constantly looking at how we can positively impact our clients’ business operations though out work. Our Strategists are eager to collaborate with the teams while equally appreciating independent entrepreneurial work. You will demonstrate self-initiative in guiding teams in the direction of our clients’ goals, and recognize when you need to step back to give them the freedom to solve the complex problems at hand.

The ability to be fact and data driven while also being able to speculate is a rare and valued quality in someone looking to be successful in workplace strategy. You are responsible, resilient, accountable, and curious. Most importantly you will enjoy problem solving and relish in the challenge of understanding and integrating the client’s true needs into the strategic process.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Interior Design or related field
  • 10+ years’ relevant experience
  • 3+ years’ in workplace strategy
  • CCMP certification is an advantage

Key Competencies

  • Knowledgeable in: Organizational Analysis; Human Behaviors Analysis; Data Analysis; Strategic Planning & Alignment; Change Management
  • Expertise in space densities and density planning
  • Ability to develop the quantitative and qualitative aspects of programming, space planning, design, occupancy and workplace performance
  • Comfortable with technology for virtual collaboration and mobile work
  • Ability to lead and conduct multiple projects concurrently while being cognizant of deliverables and deadlines
  • Excellent oral and written communication, strong interpersonal and influencing skills, customer service driven, detail oriented and with excellent analytical skills


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.