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Christine Bruckner

Ph.D., FAIA, HKIA, R.A., HKIUD, LEED AP, BEAM Professional, BREEAM AP, RESET AP Fellow, WELL AP Faculty & Advisor, Fitwel Ambassador, Past President of AIA International Region


Steve Gale
Hospitality creep is a sweet fact of modern life

This definition of hospitality, “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”, applies to any decent hotel you can think of, but it doesn’t stop there – it’s unstoppable, says Steve Gale.

Steve Gale
The desk is dead – long live the desk!

People in offices work at desks, don’t they? But even a quick glance around most offices reveals an awful lot of empty ones. Observation surveys show desk occupation rates of about 50% on average – it’s never much higher.


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