Our creative process for the London studio

Let graphics be a persuasion tool, an opportunity for engagement and vehicle for communication.


By Alex Kendrick
Associate, Global Marketing Communications – London

Technology has evolved rapidly in our industry, but the creative journey – our design process - has not. Our instinctual tools are still pencils and paper. We draw to think. Technology makes the development and realisation of ideas easier, but creativity always starts with the humble pencil.

We used these simple tools to create an inclusive opening event and narrative design feature in our new London studio. Why? Because we want our spaces to feel special, even personalised - making our mark is a ritual that helps us feel comfortable in our environments. 

For one afternoon, we stepped away from our laptops, clients and deadlines to gather as a team and tackle our own project: installing 20,000 pencils into our feature wall.

Watch the video on YouKu: click here

After 1 hour, 37 minutes and 56 seconds; after 15 pizzas and several disputes over the playlist - everyone in M Moser UK had made a small contribution and a big impact on their space. The Moser-made installation reflects our visual identity and seizes visitor interest – but most importantly; our wall showcases our collaborative, creative spirit. We made it together.

When planning our relocation we asked ourselves – why are we doing this? How ready are our people? How do you invite everyone to become an active contributor? How can our space be authentic?

Early in the design process, our strategists uncovered our driving ambition: to build a space where we could creatively interact with our clients and peers. For creatives, storytelling is part of our identity - we want to share our stories with our visitors by allowing them into the cutting room. 

Therefore, the challenge - a story that allows our guests inside our mind-set. Something to show people who we are at a fundamental level. The feature that people would ask about when they visit, and would stick in people’s minds when they leave.

Watch the video on YouKu: click here

Our workplaces are increasingly lifestyle influenced (termed ‘hospitality creep’ in a recent article by my colleague Steve Gale), where the boundaries between home and work are blurred. As a result, we are seeing many clients shift towards ‘unbranded’ environments, placing culture is at the centre of their identity.

We want our employees to be ambassadors for our brands – but as designers, we have to be able to show people what we value. It is never easy to express company values without being literal which is why so many rightly shy away from it. Instagram-ready inspirational quotes and stock-photo supergraphics - your time is up.

Branding and environmental graphics are more than applied wall logos. Let graphics be a persuasion tool, an opportunity for engagement and vehicle for communication.

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