Future flash: M Moser brings virtual and mixed reality to reality

When talking about virtual and mixed reality, M Moser uses the present tense, especially since these technologies were important tools for designing Microsoft’s new Raleigh campus.

M Moser also participated in a pioneering demonstration of VR/MR at Bisnow’s 4th Annual NYC Workplace of the Future event, held on June 21st.

Part of ‘Transforming Design with Virtual & Mixed Reality Technology”, a panel featuring M Moser’s Chris Swartout and InSiteVR’s CEO/Co-Founder Angel Say, the demonstration attracted a standing-room audience of over 350 designers, engineers, and construction and real estate professionals.

John Mogensen and David Kennedy, both Senior Software Engineers at Microsoft, were ‘patched’ from Raleigh, NC, into one of two screens via Skype. An additional screen displayed a looping video of the new Raleigh campus designed by M Moser for Microsoft, together with conceptual drawings and digital 3D models overlaid on a physical environment using Microsoft HoloLens.

VR and MR systems represent a massive leap forward in the ability of clients, architects, construction, engineering and other industry professionals to communicate design intent while experiencing the true scale of design options.

It’s effective whether you’re a client who has never been part of a design process before, an engineer who wants to see a specific piece of infrastructure in scale, or a designer who wants to see the design intent,” said Chris Swartout, Director, M Moser New York.

In many ways, it is a natural evolution of the 3D modelling and real-time project collaboration technology M Moser has used intensively for many years to refine ideas, identify challenges and create a more immersive design experience.”

We think this is important because it’s not just putting 3D models in the space for clients to see; it’s a tool we can use to break down silos and take different disciplines into an integrated process of delivering a project or business solution,” said Swartout.

Watch the video on Youku: Click here 


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