"Space, Business, People": A forum on workplace design & innovation

What propels us to create workspaces for people?

Following the success of M Moser’s PRD exhibition in Shenzhen earlier in the year, we hosted  “Space, Business, People”, a workplace knowledge-sharing exhibition and forum in Guangzhou.

Held on November 10, 2017 at Central Tower, Kai Hua’s new workplace designed by M Moser, the event explored the premium, grade A office space and featured our most recent and award-winning projects together with a unique digital workspace experience. Key M Moser professionals across strategy, design, architecture, wellness and sustainability also held a workshop to share their insights.

Highlighting the integration of “Space, Business, People”, the event focused on the workplace as a business resource, and examined how innovative, people-orientated spaces can positively influence employee behaviour and thus impact the overall success of businesses. The spaces showcased have all been transformed using people-centric planning and design that integrates brand experience, workspace strategy, sustainability and technology. As part of the event, we used digital VR to deliver attendees a more intuitive experience of the projects on display.

Professionals of architecture, interior design, strategic planning, office technology, health and environmental protection shared industry insights and best practices. The workshop sessions included the following topics:

  • PEOPLE: Creating effective workplace in interior architecture experience
    Speakers: Allyn Dorey, Global Design Director, MCSD and Sung Lee, Architecture/Design Director, AIA & LEED AP
  • BUSINESS: Business-driven workplace strategy
    Speakers: Lawrence Lok, Associate Director, LEED AP and Audrey Zaimeche, Associate of Strategic Planning
  • PEOPLE: Wellness and sustainability in workplace design
    Speaker: Christine Bruckner, Director, FAIA, HKIA, HKIUD, LEED AP, BEAM PRO, BREEAM AP RESET AP Fellow, WELL AP Faculty

In addition, forum attendees had the opportunity to explore the space at Kaihua International Centre and experience how the core values of design excellence, environmental protection and people-centric design bring a distinctive, high-quality experience to people’s work and life

M Moser continues to share its vision and long-standing experience in creating workplaces that promote physical and mental health, foster corporate culture, transform behaviour and promote business development across the Pearl River Delta, China and the world.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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