M Moser designs Teach For America outposts across USA

Consider the dynamic collaboration between workplace specialist M Moser Associates and non-profit Teach for America. M Moser opened in Hong Kong when it was still a British territory to provide architecture and design services for multinational companies expanding into Asia. Today, the firm has 15 offices worldwide. Teach for America, established to recruit top college graduates to work in poor rural and urban public schools, now serves 53 communities. For decades, it made do with pre-built offices not particularly suited to its needs.

Then it hired M Moser to design a Houston office that might serve as a prototype for other regional hubs. The outcome was such a hit that four other locations—Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, and San Francisco—will be rolled out in the next few years. Senior associates Jessie Bukewicz and Charlton Hutton talk about rethinking those offices as something called the “third place.” 

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