Hosting the Fast Company Innovation Festival 2018 at our New York "living lab"

On October 25th, Fast Company Innovation Festival attendees from across the globe descended upon M Moser’s New York office at the Woolworth Building to learn more about transformative workplaces, including one of the firm’s very own, “living labs”. 

M Moser Director, Chris Swartout, and Senior Associate / Lead Designer, Charlton Hutton kicked off the event by introducing the design of the new office and sharing the team’s mission to find a home that would reflect its values and goals. 

Attendees were then divided into five tour groups and led through the space by M Moser specialists; senior strategists, lead designers, and project managers. Diving into an exploration of the inner workings of the studio, the groups examined how each space had been reimagined to support different needs, functions and aspects of work.

Redefining the reception

The first discovery concept focused on the hospitality of the reception area. Stepping away from traditional reception design, the team introduced the shared pantry space and highlighted how the office has redefined the role of the receptionist. Extending the cultural ambassador and brand elements of the role, the new Community Manager, provides a welcoming, engaging and unique experience for visitors and staff alike.

Highlighting innovation

Attendees were then guided towards the Innovation Alley to learn about a selection of complex and innovative M Moser projects from across the globe with Group Director, Nabil Sabet

Well-being at work

Dr Christine Bruckner who led the WELL design of the space shared more about its impact on people and performance. While guiding the groups through a combination of easy, five-minute daily stretching exercises, Dr Bruckner highlighted how design for health and wellness had been incorporated throughout the space, and encouraged interaction with a range of existing WELL elements.

Using a Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset, guests were then invited into the VR Lab to experience a full VR walkthrough of a fully rendered space. This was combined with the opportunity to experience how the team uses VR to collaborate on projects using Oculus Go’s wireless VR technology. Rethinking agility in the workplace, M Moser also presented its unique approach to wireless technology.

The agile office

The conversation around agility was extended by a discussion about successful, mobile furniture solutions. Guests were invited to trial different work settings, helping them to understand the impact of mobility on autonomy and efficiency.

Continuing to experience the office, attendees shared insightful questions and thoughts around workplace innovation, engaging in further discussion with M Moser staff from across the globe.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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