M Moser hosts RESET™ thought leadership panel in New York

The adoption of wellness design is opening up new opportunities for individuals, businesses and industries, to rethink the human experience within the workplace. Expanding on its approach to building healthier and more sustainable working environments, M Moser’s global WELL team - led by Dr. Bruckner FAIA and facilitated by New York-based WELL APs, Whitney Nielsen and Hyeonjung Lee - invited a selection of experts to the new Manhattan office for a panel discussion on, “Design with Air Through the Lens of RESET™”.

Focused on the integration of the RESET™ standard as a way of improving the health and well-being of people within buildings and workplaces, speakers included Raefer Wallis, CEO of RESET™; Heather Mulvihill of NAAVA (innovative green wall technology); and Sarah Welton, WELL Faculty, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

M Moser was also delighted to welcome Brendan O’Grady from Delos Solutions, Anjanette Green from RESET™ and other key representatives from IWBI and NAAVA.

Throughout the event, participants were invited to share their perspectives on a range of design metrics relating to air quality, active office environments and biophilia, integrated within the RESET™ and WELL design standards. As a result of a series of workshops, studies and exams surrounding this interactive panel, several M Moser New York design team members will soon be conferred as RESET™ accredited professionals.

Stay tuned for updates on M Moser’s new Manhattan office that has monitored at 100% for RESET™ from day one, serving as a “living lab”. Come for a walk-through to experience how designing with air is an intangible, integral part of best practice design for health, well-being and productivity.  

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