Lawrence Lok shares insights on the “workplace revolution” at Officepark Summit 2019

On January 11th, M Moser Director Lawrence Lok was invited to speak at the Officepark Summit 2019 at the Mixc World Theatre in Shenzhen. Hosted by China Resources Land (CR Land), the Summit saw Lok co-present “Office Space White Paper 2019: Ideal Office Space” with Haohua Li, Assistant General Manager (Office Sector) at CR Land South China Region.

Examining the workspaces of “Super Class A” and “Class A” office tenants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, the white paper not only highlights the modern office of today, but envisions the optimum workspace of the future, using M Moser’s global projects as exemplary references. 

In his speech, Lok emphasised how technologies are defining new business models and the future of the workplace.

Technological advancement in the past few years, especially in AI, is dramatically changing the entire business landscape,” said Lok. “Companies need workplaces that reshape corporate culture to enable future business.”

Image courtesy of CR Land

Image courtesy of CR Land

Innovative workspaces are therefore called for to support collaboration, teamwork and maximise employee potential, concluded Lawrence.

Highlighting M Moser projects from across the globe, he shared workplace examples from small to campus-scale, featuring the technologies required by companies leading future workplace trends.

Click here to watch the full conference - M Moser’s session begins at 1:38:20.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.