M Moser shares its expertise on creating transient work environments at WORKTECH19 Sydney

Following its participation at the WORKTECH conference in Hong Kong in December 2018, M Moser was honoured to be invited at the WORKTECH Lounge in Sydney on February 20th to share its latest thinking and innovative insights on the future of the workplace.

Engaging with an audience coming from all disciplines, M Moser’s Ramesh Subramaniam, Design Director – International, and Bhavna Singhal, Senior Associate – Strategy & Change, led an interactive session on “Transient Work Environments That Cater to a Variety of Personality Types” where they expressed a constant need for change in the workplace to adjust to a fast-evolving business landscape.

M Moser shares its expertise on creating transient work environments at WORKTECH19 Sydney section

Using practical M Moser case studies including our own workplace in New York, Ramesh and Bhavna discussed the importance of creating a typology of adaptive spaces that can tend to the needs of a broad range of people and roles inside an organisation. They stressed the need for workplaces that cater to a variety of functional requirements to enhance mobility and collaboration, resulting in comfortable work environments that enable people to feel their most productive through meaningful employee experiences that can support cultural and business transformation.

Attended by M Moser staff from our locations in Sydney and Melbourne as well as several other representatives from our other locations across APAC, WORKTECH Lounge Sydney brought together innovative thinkers to share knowledge on the evolution of how people work, exemplifying our ongoing commitment to designing transformative, employee-centric workplaces for global business.


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