A fintech community designed for ideation and innovation

Fintech workplace,
New York 

This technology-focused confidential financial company appointed M Moser to provide design services for its New York headquarters expansion, taking an additional three floors to a total of 75,000 sq ft.

The project includes an interconnecting staircase to cohesively link the community across multiple floors, implementing user-friendly technology, and addressing acoustics to support focused, “deep work”. Designed to a fast-track schedule, the project was completed in just 11 months.

A fintech community designed for ideation and innovation section
Project highlights                                                           
  1. Creating an atmosphere that embodies core business values and champions workplace community. 
  2. Using environmental branding to connect teams to the business mission and vision.
  3. Integrating a collection of different space types, while celebrating an innovative ethos and technology-driven brand purpose.
Creating an impactful user experience

Focusing on the experience, the team developed a user journey that explores serenity and impact, creating floors with two different zones to support a broad range of activities and work styles.

Entering each floor from a unique elevator lobby, users encounter a social space featuring multiple conference rooms and team areas. Each floor includes a pantry with built-in booths and seating options for both dining and informal meetings. Pantries are versatile and have been designed to connect with larger collaboration rooms such as the Think Lab.

Work-centric zones include phone booths and focus rooms for private conversations and individual “deep work”. Private offices and open workspaces are combined adjacently with areas for impromptu gatherings, featuring soft seating and writeable surfaces.

A fintech community designed for ideation and innovation section
Supporting a teaching and learning culture

The space includes a “stadium-style” Lecture Hall with bench window seating and mobile furniture to provide a variety of configurations. This supports the business to host lectures and learning sessions from a range of internal and external speakers.

The Think Lab, located next to the pantry on one of the floors, has been designed for internal use. With a mobile wall and opening door panels, the workplace provides a dynamic place for ideation as well as expansion opportunities to the café.

Celebrating an innovative ethos

The design solution is an eclectic collection of spaces to support the company’s unique needs for both dynamic collaboration and heads-down, focused work. Busy pantries have been separated from the main open areas by hallways, meeting rooms, and ideation areas.

Open areas integrate acoustic ceiling paneling to soften desk noise and provide space for concentration. Quiet meeting areas including phone booths and small meeting rooms provide a variety of options for the team to choose where and how they want to work.

Each floor has a unique texture, colour and warmth, defining its purpose. The M Moser team worked closely with the client marketing group, subtly integrating the brand into elevator lobbies and the distraction banding for glass-walled conference rooms.

A fintech community designed for ideation and innovation section

M Moser’s design team was inspired not only by the way the client worked but how they need to work in the future. By incorporating spaces for the client team to come together for ideation and collaboration, we were able to promote workplace community. 

 Kristina Piccoli, Senior Associate
  • Status Completed
  • Area 75,000 sq ft
  • Completion date 2019
  • Location New York
  • Photographer Eric Laignel


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If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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