Designing form to support function

Global Support Centre,

In designing the exterior envelope for this new building in Hyderabad, the emphasis was on supporting the interior functions of the building through sustainability, technology and the marriage of science and poetry. The needs to shade the building for winter and summer, and to provide cover from rain, are addressed specifically, as is the requirement to direct daylight into the relatively deep floor plates.

As the building is divided into three segments: two office wings and a central core, making an “H” shaped plan on the typical floors, we proposed to have the building imagery reflect a dialogue between technology and research in science, with people at the centre. As the office wings are primarily open-office configurations this dialogue between the various facades of the building could be viewed from the inside of a typical floor.

The southeast and northwest facades are clad in a simplified, high-performance curtain wall system with a series of angled louvres. The design embodies the best practices of our inside-out approach incorporating branded public spaces with a flexible work environment. In this way, the building itself becomes an amenity: a building that is simple, yet striking, flexible yet program specific.

Designing form to support function section
  • Status Design
  • Area 875,000 sq-f
  • Location Hyderabad, India


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