Accelerating virtual banking innovations

livi Bank,
Hong Kong

Spearheading the smart banking development in one of the world’s most influential financial hubs, recently-launched virtual bank livi Bank needed a space that would reflect its energetic culture and ambitious mission to push the boundaries of personal finance.

Through a holistic approach including design, engineering and construction, we delivered a healthy, vibrant two-storey workplace that aligns with the company’s brand identity and inspires staff to bring to market next-gen digital solutions.

Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Project highlights
  1. Abundant social spaces with outdoor views facilitate collaborative thinking, bringing vitality into the office
  2. Custom graphics with vivid representations of core colours illustrate livi Bank’s dynamic culture and brand
  3. Greenery, wellness rooms, and bicycle desks all come together seamlessly to support staff well-being

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Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Putting people first

Inspired by its mission to “go the extra mile” for its customers, livi Bank needed a workplace that acknowledges its people’s vital role in creating market-leading digital solutions. Our holistic, human-centric approach delivers a variety of social spaces that address individual and community needs, resonating with a workplace culture that places high value on collaboration and meaningful engagement.

Accelerating virtual banking innovations section

Embellished with greenery, social hubs can be reconfigured to fit diverse user and business needs. The front-of-house connects to the pantry to create larger meeting spaces for town hall meetings.

Accelerating virtual banking innovations section

The “Floating Island” in the open office provides a central point for staff to come together. Engraved with leaf patterns to create a sense of calm, moving screens enable flexible configurations conducive to open and private discussions. 

Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Exhibiting a dynamic and creative culture

From the lobby corridor through communal spaces and the open office, bespoke murals creatively express livi Bank’s progressive and entrepreneurial values. Vivid representations of core colours and natural elements bring vibrancy into the workplace while fostering closer connections between staff and the organisation.

As a nod to its Hong Kong roots, each huddle room features custom signage labelled after a traditional dim sum dish, adding to the fun atmosphere imbued throughout the office. 

As a UI Designer, I strongly believe that creativity is a source of innovation that enables us to truly connect with our users. livi’s office, which is aesthetically pleasing and inspiring, allows me to think outside of the box and create timeless designs. Whenever I’m out of ideas, I would just walk around the spacious office and look at the playful graphic designs on the wall, as they stimulate my thinking while reminding me of the brand’s identity.”

Tiffany Law
UI Designer, livi Bank

Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
Enhancing well-being and happiness at work

Health and wellness were two important components to be integrated throughout the design development of this project, ensuring livi Bank staff can enjoy a comfortable, healing office environment the minute they walk in. 

Natural and graphically illustrated greenery, as well as ergonomic furniture including bicycle desks and massage chairs, create a wholesome space providing calm and opportunities for active movement.

Surrounded by spectacular views of the Victoria Harbour and mountainous scenery, communal areas and workstations are strategically placed alongside wide windows to infuse a sense of calm and bring people closer to nature.

Designed and built with people’s needs at its core, livi Bank’s new workplace enhances connectivity and creativity, enabling its people to innovate traditional banking solutions within a socially engaging environment and mould the future of personal finance.


Accelerating virtual banking innovations section
  • Status Completed
  • Area 18,700 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2019
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Photographer Harold de Puymorin
  • Awards

    2020 International Property Awards: Asia Pacific - ‘Office Interior’ category


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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