Designed and built for engagement

San Mateo

The client’s aim was to build a workspace that would reflect its global diversity and increasing scale. To achieve this objective, the design of the workspace was approached as if it were a city.

Studying maps of informally planned cities, particularly the potency of the public realm that occurred in left-over spaces between buildings, an evolution of office space planning defined by ‘active voids’ at the building’s core began to emerge. These layered pockets of semi-enclosed meeting spaces allow their communities to continue their culture of collaborating in open spaces, but with improved ability to focus at workstations. It also helped to reduce construction costs.

The workspace also showcases the innovations that can be achieved through close collaboration between design and construction, using an architect-led, design-build process. The nuances of construction cost and methodology were not a deferred consideration, but instead a catalyst for an innovative approach to the conventions of construction that was symbiotic with our design concept.

Designed and built for engagement section

Preparing the ‘Kit-of-Parts’

The meeting rooms defining these open spaces were designed as a ‘kit-of-parts’ using five pre-fabricated room types clad with an inexpensive wood panel, elaborated by varied techniques of assembly and finishing. Set against the wood panels are vivid furnishings representing significant global locations and selected through a co-design process with staff.

Designed and built for engagement section
Designed and built for engagement section
Designed and built for engagement section
  • Status Completed
  • Area 210,000 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2017
  • Location San Mateo, CA
  • Sustainability LEED Gold - Interiors
  • Photographer Emily Hagopian
  • Awards

    2018 IIDA NC Honor Awards - People's Choice Award


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