A digital facade for storytelling

Media Façade
New York City, NY

Designed in collaboration with a global financial firm and their branding partners, the media tower is a new take on an existing typology in facade design - one of storytelling. The media integrated façade system, set into a diagrid, allows for an infinite and continuous variety of imagery, intended to be media, brand partnerships, public service and urban content.

The proposed façade wraps an existing four-storey building in the Times Square vicinity and reaches a height of over 100 ft. It is assembled of custom media modules, stone and glazing and allows for the continued use of the building as an office and retail establishment.

The media modules are “glazed” into a high-performance curtain wall system and are mostly accessed via a series of catwalks above the roofline. The final design creates a building, which continually transforms itself, interacting with its environment, its users and the urban fabric at large.

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