Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment

Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital,

United Family Healthcare (UFH) is dedicated to establishing international standard hospitals across China, with a core concept to provide patients with a continuous, preventive healthcare service, disease diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. Its 28,000 sq. m space on Xinjinqiao Road is not just a hospital, but also a medical system and a community clinic.

For UFH, patient-centred design is one of its central tenets and therefore its core focus is on improved outcomes. The Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital aims to provide a high-quality, efficient, and human-centric medical service for people across Shanghai.

Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section
Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section

Healthcare design is about creating a holistic, people-centric experience. It goes beyond the patient, extending to staff, visitors and anyone who interacts with the environment.”

- Jessica Liu, Associate Director & Healthcare Design Lead, M Moser Associates

Located in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, the original building was an office, with a centralised elevator core. To transform the space successfully for hospital use, it has been through structural reinforcement, adding one new soiled elevator and a full inside-out revitalisation.

As one of UFH’s most comprehensive hospitals, the site is designed to provide premium care for Outpatients and Inpatients. The hospital has a total of 24 centres and clinics, offering services including family medicine, general medicine, surgery, dental, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, and more.

Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section

Designing for people

Following the principles of “people-oriented” and “patient-centred” design, the hospital goes beyond the creation of a large-scale medical institution. Striving to embody humanised facilities, pursuing holistic, human-centric care, and creating a balance between high technology and emotion were just some of the key objectives.

Taking into consideration the individual feelings of patients, the quality of the working environment and the physical health of medical staff has also had a strong influence on the new space. The space is an extension of general hospital functions, addressing the needs of all people that encounter and utilise the space.

Applying advanced healthcare facility design theory, we developed a continuum path to recovery throughout three stages of the patient experience: anticipation, transition and healing.

A healing experience 

From the first floor two major public entrances, the main entry and Emergency Room walk-in, are visible from Xinjinqiao Road. The logistics entrance is separated from the people entrance.

The hospital has 24 different Outpatient departments, which are planned on the second to fourth floors. Each department has a central reception and waiting area, connected by corridors.

Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section

To address the unique building condition including a long, narrow floorplate and double columns, the M Moser team explored several planning options to determine the most effective way to support the various departments and functions.

Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section

Intuitive wayfinding

On entrance to the building lobby, two-storey panels form a gentle curving pathway leading patients, visitors and staff through the facility through intuitive wayfinding. Inside the hospital, soft colours and natural, flower super-graphics activate the space, taking inspiration from nature to provide a welcoming experience.

Due to the layout of the central elevator and fire escape stairway of the previous office building, the designated colours and graphics for each department are integrated with the elevator lobby design, to create an intuitive wayfinding system.

Enhancing well-being

The new UFH hospital embraces large windows, providing an abundance of natural light to ease stress and contribute to healing. To reduce noise and recreate a home-like setting to enhance comfort, all patient rooms are designed as single suites.

Implementing design based on the unique concerns, preferences and values of UFH, the M Moser approach puts efficiency and comfort at the heart of the healing environment to create a hospital that addresses the distinct needs of all that inhabit it.


Efficiency & comfort: the heart of the healing environment section
  • Status Completed
  • Area 301,399 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2018
  • Location Shanghai


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