Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent

Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section

Wipro Digital,

The design goal of Wipro Digital’s new office in London’s “Silicon Roundabout” was to give the firm an edge in critical business functions, from attracting top talent to fostering collaboration.

Previously sharing an office with its parent company in Paddington, Wipro Digital’s move to a dedicated space was an opportunity to create an environment optimised for collaboration. Located on the 3rd floor, this new 6,000 square foot office was also designed as a tool for attracting and retaining talent in the intensively competitive tech space in London.


Watch our interview with Wipro Digital about its new environment and the transformation we helped them deliver for their workplace. 

We spoke to Matt Burgess, Principal Lead, Digital Transformation, Design and Innovation, to get his insight on how the technology industry is responding to changing demands in the attraction and retention of talent. 

Team members discussed the impact of this new workplace on their daily lives, and how it helps them work more effectively. 

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Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section

What we recognised was that there was a real need to create a culture, a digital culture, both in order to attract and retain digital talent”

Matt Burgess
Principal Lead, Digital Transformation, Design & Innovation
Wipro Digital
Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section
Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section

Agile by Design

As well as being visually striking, the space is functional and practical. Its exterior walls feature prominent arched bay windows and writeable surfaces that make them natural locations for breakout sessions and brainstorming, while retaining a mix of formal and informal meeting spaces at the rear of the office. The meeting rooms’ sliding walls allow them to be instantly transformed into larger boardrooms. Even the soft furniture is lightweight and moveable, maximising both the ease of rearrangement and spatial flexibility.

Flexibility First

The office’s open-plan work area is equally adaptive, providing a simple, capable and communicative work setting for teams of designers, strategists, software developers and user experience specialists. Key elements of the main work area include custom-designed desks, bike racks and lockers.

For M Moser, design was just one of the many integrated elements comprising the project. The team used its engineering and sustainability expertise to improve the office’s air conditioning. While investigating the system, the design team realised its aesthetic appeal and removed the ceiling to give the office an industrial aesthetic that also highlighted its original Victorian features. Also responsible for the construction phase of the project, M Moser delivered a true ‘end-to-end’ solution that streamlined everything from client-team communication to quality, time and cost control.

Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section
Creating a digital culture to attract digital talent section

The most important thing for us is the collaboration… it’s that freedom that is the most important thing, I can’t fault this, it’s great.”

Joshua Vedder, Lead Service Design Consultant
Wipro Digital
  • Status Completed
  • Area 6,000 sq-f
  • Completion date 2015
  • Location London
  • Photographer Alex Kendrick


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