Encouraging a natural sense of movement

Y Media Labs,
Redwood City, CA

Y Media Labs, a fast-growing app and experience developer, engaged M Moser Associates to create its first fully designed office space. M Moser collaborated with Y Media’s leadership team in order to understand their emerging brand identity and differentiators. Reflecting the a-typical synergy and organic interaction of their three core internal teams, the space is defined by three branched volumes of enclosed space that encourage flow and interaction at the pools of space in and around them. Upon entering the space, visitors and staff naturally gravitate towards the open views of the waterfront and framed scenes of their prior office location.

Encouraging a natural sense of movement section
Encouraging a natural sense of movement section

The active reception area is a hub for staff and guests to work alongside the receptionist, reflecting their inclusive culture and partnership approach to working with clients. The reception opens to the larger community space that provides a single location for staff to eat, socialise and hold all-hands and community events. The branched forms continue into the open office space, pulling and pushing from the perimeter glass, creating an open yet partially obscured workspace to allow teams to feel completely connected, yet with improved privacy, focus, and sense of scale. Large collaboration areas, smaller huddles and spaces for heads-down work are distributed across the open office in the enclosed forms.

Encouraging a natural sense of movement section

A sophisticated, neutral palette of tactile furnishings and finishes complement the strong foundations that define the company while providing a canvas to build upon while the firm seeks to define its brand identity through colours and logos.

  • Status Completed
  • Area 17,400 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2017
  • Location Redwood City, CA
  • Photographer Emily Hagopian


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