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Creating a unified experience using workplace technology

The pandemic has prompted an important shift in the way people work and what they need from their environments. Going to the office has never been a more conscious decision.

So how can we use technology to connect the workplace with the home, and everywhere in between? Our workplace technology teams have been exploring how this interconnectivity can help support business resilience.

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Introducing Unify

Developed from a deep understanding of how people work, Unify is an M Moser designed technology platform that extends the physical workplace. Markedly, it brings together community, space and people in one connected digital experience.

Designed for companies of all sizes to manage an agile and hybrid workforce. Unify connects your spaces to your network and allows teams to easily manage workspaces and bookings. Simultaneously, it integrates safely and securely with your existing technology.

A fully customisable tool, Unify lets your business select features, adjust layouts, and adapt to the look and feel of your brand. Using a white-label approach, you can even use your own name, logo, fonts, and colours.

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Workplace technology for your space

Designing for flexibility connects people with their environment while planning for the future. Workplace technology and data play a key role in helping us understand how space is being used. With attention to this, we can develop workplace strategies that achieve your business goals.

Flexible and hybrid work means evaluating and adjusting your workspace to meet changing demands and needs. Unify offers intelligent data to help you plan future expansions, moves and changes while getting the most out of your space. Equally, integrating smart building technology can remove friction points and support energy efficiency and sustainability.

Unify’s Spaces features include:

  • Booking management: Keep your bookings organised. Easy integration and synchronisation with your current scheduling system, preventing double bookings without any manual work.
  • Dynamic workplace app: No more spreadsheets, messy calendars or disorganised systems. Because an intuitive map lets people get to work without the fuss and manual processes.
  • Room booking: Book rooms and collaborative spaces. Find out what workplace technology and amenities are available. Invite colleagues and guests while booking assets and tools to ensure a smooth meeting or collaboration session.
  • Desk booking: Support flexible work through booking ahead, recurring bookings and hot desking. Additionally, touchless bookings and check-ins are directly integrated with this feature.
  • Space analytics: Stay informed on how space is being used, view occupancy statistics, real-time utilisation, and generate usage reports. Further integrate with workplace sensors.
  • Custom roles & permissions: Fine-tune who can book what and when. Assign seats with dynamic blocks, create seating groups, add a booking approval process and implement custom rules.
  • Extra features: Pick and choose accordingly, from smart building controls to workplace sensors, digital dashboards and check-ins, room status displays and more.

At our Vancouver living lab we’ve been experimenting with software and hardware, using NFC tags for touchless bookings and check-outs from workspaces and meeting rooms. Additionally, tablets are synced across the network and a mobile app connects all physical and digital touchpoints. This has enabled us to create a flexible and resilient space to support a hybrid workforce.

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Workplace technology for your community

With people collaborating from different locations across the globe, creating a sense of community is key. Overall, Unify can help you keep your people engaged with relevant content and resources, wherever they may be.

Furthermore, it locates where people are working, so teams can plan ahead to connect in person or virtually. Strengthen your culture with our workplace platform that keeps your community connected.

Unify’s Community features include:

  • Pulse: A flexible social space to share news, events, updates and more. Upload photo galleries, leave comments, and tag others. Tap into the pulse of the workplace because its about bringing your colleagues closer.
  • Directory: Find colleagues quickly and easily with a comprehensive employee directory with advanced search functionality.
  • Resource links: Direct links to intranet portals or other tools, easily customisable to your office.
  • Local transport data: Integrate with local transit infrastructure to check in on nearby transit status.
  • Knowledge base: A resource centre with links to knowledge bases, helpful articles and FAQs. Correspondingly customised to meet the needs of employees.
  • Help desk: Integrate with current software or use the help desk as a standalone solution to field support requirements.

We created a community app for DNB in New York – a one-stop-shop of office admin tools that support communication and new ways of working. It offers mobile access to wayfinding, desk/room booking and check in/out, alongside locating co-workers, office wellness data, manuals/procedures and connection to the Hudson Yards community.

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A mobile app, web portal and any other device you can think of can be integrated into the Unify tech stack. Start using your data to think smarter and operate more efficiently. Manage a hybrid workforce. Create a unique work experience. Communicate, inspire and innovate. All in all, workplace technology can help us connect people with the physical workplace so they can do their best work, from anywhere.

Brian Fugeti

Associate, Workplace Technology

Nabil Sabet

Group Director

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