The American Institute of Architects (AIA) International Region has honoured our work with leading home furnishing retailer, Red Star Macalline, with a “Commendation for Excellence in Interior Architecture”.

Our Chairman & Founder, Moira Moser, and Project Director, Dave Ge, shared their appreciation for receiving this prestigious award during the AIA IR’s virtual ceremony – a testament to our design excellence and commitment to wellbeing. “It has been a team effort with our multidisciplinary professionals working hand in hand across the region the deliver this successful project,” Ms Moser remarked.

office space design
view above reception looking at wooden stair
office space design

The jury singled this project out for its bold, sculptural wooden birdcage in the entrance. This inhabitable element greets visitors as they enter the building, providing a visual focus for the project, and it houses a dynamic functional space. In addition to visitors seeing it, occupants and employees can use it as a meeting space to collaborate. This innovative use of wood is befitting for a home furnishing retailer.

Jury panel member

Robert Dani, Associate Director and one of the core designers behind this headquarters, then presented the design concept and key project highlights. The client then shared an immersive walkthrough of the building’s most notable design features.

Supporting the company vision to become an internationally recognised retail brand, this human-centric, 330,000 sq. ft headquarters enhances connectivity and wellbeing across socially vibrant and diverse environments. The entrance’s 16-metre-tall “bird nest” structure is a project highlight symbolising the spirit of a home where interactive pathways provide opportunities for socialising and collaboration.

Our Red Star Macalline client shares how M Moser’s integrated services and pursuit for design excellence enabled the delivery of this innovative, high-performance workplace:

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