Nous fournissons des services intégrés pour vos employés et vos environnements physiques et numériques. Nous accompagnons vos projets à tous les niveaux


Health & wellness

Create environments where people can feel and perform at their best, offering a path to certification for the leading international standards.

Inclusive design

Bring diversity, equity and inclusion to the design of your workplace. Meet the needs of every individual, from the largest concept to the smallest detail.

Workplace strategy

Analyse your people and business trajectory to design for your future. We create workplace strategy that inspires innovation and drives success.

Change management

Communicate how and why the workplace is changing, to help people see the value of that change. We enable your business to connect with a vision that people can buy into.


Interior Design

Ultimately, the best interior design centres on how people need to use it. We can work with you to transform your business by creating innovative, adaptable environments - built for success.


We shape architecture around people. Taking an “inside out” approach and focusing on your desired outcomes to create spaces where people can do their best work.


Every decision matters. To support your net zero aspirations, we're developing advanced sustainability tools and delivering lower carbon solutions.

Design & build

Design & build services ensure that a project meets your specification, fits your budget and suits your timeline. Our quality-driven approach consistently exceeds client expectations.

Construction management

Reduce your workload and allow us to manage the contractors for you. Our design-led approach helps deliver your project efficiently, to the highest level of quality.

Building repositioning

Repositioning strategies help reclaim a property's value and its place in the community. We focus on what makes each asset unique to help you get the most out of the building.

Due diligence

Identify the right site for your workplace. We lead building analyses that consider location, size, configuration and technical infrastructure before you commit.

MEP engineering

We engineer cutting-edge, integrated buildings using technical infrastructure to create environments that are intuitive, healthy and adaptable.

Brand experience

Meaningful moments bring your brand experience to life. Translate a story into immersive and engaging workplaces that achieve your business objectives.



Empower your team to do their best work. We use workplace technology and data to help you navigate change and be more responsive to the needs of your people.


Make your spaces easier to lease. We use technology and data to help you navigate the changing workplace and be more responsive to the needs of your tenants and their people.

Portfolio managers

Unlock the potential of your portfolio. We use technology and data to help you analyse the performance of the changing workplace to help you spend more efficiently.


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