M Moser director future of office space summit 2023

Last week, Director Julian Rimmer took part in the Future of Office Space Summit 2023 in Sydney, leading a discussion about the Adaptive Workplace. He took the stage to deliver an engaging presentation to explore changing the paradigm of spatial design to create responsive environments.

Future of office space summit 2023

Through the analysis of quantative and qualitative data, workspaces can be strategically engineered for specific outcomes, at specific times by predicting the specific needs of the occupants. This process allows business leaders to successfully adapt to workplace realities that will continue to change by creating flexible and dynamic workspaces.

We believe that to achieve a new level of success, the workplace must continue to evolve into a fluid ecosystem in which space, technology and policy adapt to the ever-changing needs of our organisations

Julian Rimmer, Director

Data, analytics and intelligence can support a responsive, user-centric workplace where personalisation, adaptability and resilience enable your team to focus on the business. Therefore, by developing smart buildings through data-driven design, work environments can continue to evolve and adapt by transforming the findings into actionable insights to create value for the business.

Watch the full video of the event