meeting room and plant wall

Business Insider toured M Moser’s New York office, showcasing how the workplace design optimises productivity and collaboration. Interviewing Associate Director of Design, Charlton Hutton, and Associate Director, Workplace Strategy, Grant Christofely, Business Insider explores how a focus on health and wellness enables a flexible work environment.

The idea was to bring human health and wellness into the environment, so that the place you spend most of your life is making you healthier, which leads to better performance, higher productivity and fewer sick days. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Grant Christofely, Senior Associate, Workplace Strategy

“We designed the workplace to give our employees variety. They can choose to sit, stand, look out a window, or pick a different setting. The choice enables people to modify their workspace to fit their unique desires, leading to greater productivity and teamwork”, shares Hutton.

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