Mix Interiors features our fintech client’s future-proofed, inclusive workspace in London, in an interview with Senior Associate, Design, Jeni Durksen.

Enhancing collaboration to rapidly pioneer new technologies was vital to enable the client to launch new products/services in a highly competitive market. 70% of the office space has been designed to foster collaboration within the group and across the larger ecosystem.

“One of our favourite elements is the amphitheatre as it highlights the holistic, multi-faceted nature of the design,’ shares Durksen. “To create a comfortable, streamlined environment for innovation that responds to cycles of flexibility, a combination of mobile-tiered seating and other flexible furniture activates the space. From TED-talk style presentations to training sessions and workshops, the space’s innate fluidity breaks down boundaries, encouraging smart interaction and decision-making.”

Designed to inspire new ways of thinking and working, the headquarters humanises and simplifies the innovation process by activating a culture of experimentation and intelligent risk-taking.

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