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What will the future workplace look like? M Moser Director, Kahn Yoon joins the Project Management Institute’s Projectified® podcast to discuss “Hybrid Working & The Future of Corporate Office Design”.

Companies need to look at how can they make the most of this opportunity to drive their culture towards what they desire to be – creating an optimum that is high in productivity and sense of belonging to create a positive spiral effect.

Kahn Yoon, Director, International Projects

Addressing how the pandemic’s disruption of the world of work will change the role of the office, areas of the workplace that are shifting, upcoming trends and the changing approach to design, Yoon shares his insights in discussion with Hannah Schmidt.

“I think a lot of companies underestimate the power of workplace. In Singapore, because COVID has been more or less under control, a lot of people are coming back. I have firsthand experience that whilst I’ve enjoyed working from home to a degree, I also missed collaborating and innovating with colleagues. If companies really understand the benefits, that’s what we need to focus on in the design.”

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