To be a “Design Explorer”, is to be part of Business of Design Week’s CityProg design career discovery programme. Supporting local higher primary school and junior secondary school students, the programme features various design thinking workshops, designer sharing sessions and activities.

Recently, students from Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School as “Design Explorers” were invited to join “Meet the Designers & Masters” and visited our Hong Kong office.

Design thinking” is a tool, a process and most importantly, a creative mindset that tackles problems. It inspires students and encourages them to learn proactively.

We provided the primary students a tour of our workspace and shared insights on architecture and design thinking. It was a fun experience, with talks led by professionals across our architecture, interior design, wellness and technology teams. The students were able to create their own models of their school library (with upcycled boxes) and were supported with mood boards and flashcards for the interior design. At the end they gave a short presentation of their designs.

students discussing plans for project
students discussing project