Architecture that promotes people and purpose

As global leaders in office architecture, we have been designing and delivering cutting edge buildings for over 40 years. Our work follows a human-centric methodology. It is heavily influenced by interactions between people and space.

Our “inside out” approach focuses first on a client’s desired outcomes. Then, we develop architecture that meets the needs of the business and its employees. By integrating strategy, design and construction, we create remarkable results.

Using behaviour-based design, we shape architecture around the behaviours of the people who use the spaces.


Architects must have courage to experiment with form, proportions, materials and technology to create a more sustainable future.

Nirmal Mangal - Director, Architecture

Space should support people on both individual and collective levels. We study how people move through and engage with your space, auditing how well the space functions for its occupants. By conducting real-time research, we can create more effective ways for people to interact with the built environment.

Whether you require a shell and core building or a fully inside-out project, we can provide services from master planning through construction. Our integrated team collaborate on design and delivery — from early research to crafting strategy, to incorporating sustainability. Additionally, we offer project planning and due diligence services, including feasibility studies and cost estimation.

Above all, we believe that architecture should produce spaces that nurture the people who use them. Our approach results in environments that enrich people’s daily lives, making them feel part of something bigger.

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