Steve Gale discusses 2023 trends with Work Design magazine. He examines how organisations can use data to build better, keep staff happy and explore opportunities in ESG reporting.

« Things are changing, and the foundation of workplace change is data. The dramatic increase in its demand is the most notable trend of the last few years », shares Gale.

« When significant changes look likely, our workplace providers must build a solid case to carry them off. Leaders look for credible evidence, and that means robust analysis to generate recommendations. All this intellectual activity starts with data. »

He emphasises the importance of reliable information to plot positioning and navigate how buildings are being used. “Data can reveal more than a snapshot, it will identify trends about working patterns and energy use over time.”

Clients looking to stay ahead and improve their operations will benefit from including experts from our workplace strategy, sustainability, engineering and technology teams. These teams offer guidance on using data to make more informed decisions, build better spaces and support staff wellbeing.

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