WorkSpaces 2022 event in Palm Springs.

Over the years, the WorkSpaces event has evolved into a community that connects, informs and inspires the industry through in-person gatherings, digital round tables, webcasts and stimulating thought-leadership content. Joining corporate real estate leaders from across North America, Grant Christofely, Associate Director of Strategy, introduced his vision for the “Adaptable Workplace”.

Grant presenting on stage at WorkSpaces.

We’re at a critical time in the evolution of the workplace. WorkSpaces created an amazing environment for leaders in the industry to discuss, debate and share so we can collectively create better experiences at work.

Grant Christofely, Associate Director, Strategy, M Moser Associates

We are all living through a fundamental transformation in the relationships between work, people and place. Grant emphasised the importance of a fluid ecosystem that constantly adapts and changes based on evolving needs. He explained that although modern companies may be investing in spatial design, services and amenities for their employees, they may need to do better when it comes to balancing the needs of employees with organisational goals.

Defining and aligning physical, social and digital landscapes is key. Grant discussed how M Moser’s integrated, multi-disciplinary team of strategists, designers and builders create high-performing workplaces. Spaces in the office, outside the office and within a hybrid mode through adaptive methodology and solutions.

Sharing a range of workplace strategies and project results, Grant’s presentation identifies the key components for creating an adaptive work environment:

An exciting theme at the event was the uncertainty of the future of work. We are at a crossroads of employee needs, motivation, organisational needs and balancing what is good for people and the planet. How organisations need to respond is entirely tangible for us and a unique space where we can bring tremendous value.

Nabil Sabet, Group Director, M Moser Associates

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