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Architect and Interiors India features our tips for teams working from home successfully, wherever they are.

In India, space can often be a constraint when working from home – people may need to work in smaller shared spaces with family members, roommates or children.

Exploring space as a common constraint in India when working remotely, the article highlights how leadership can help employees to address their new work environment when juggling a range of work and life priorities.

“Leadership might encourage their teams to start the working day early to complete ‘deep work’ without distractions or accommodate flexible working hours to suit individual needs.

When juggling work and the care of small children, it’s important to remember that we are taking over their play zone. Help them to understand the reason behind the change, communicate new rules, and schedule time for them during the day. Displaying a traffic light colour system in front of your ‘office’ door can help children to understand when you are busy.”

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