Charlton Hutton discusses virtual mockups and technology used to produce workplace design projects.

Virtual mockups: significantly improving communication and efficiency across the industry

Listen in as Charlton Hutton, Design Director and Co-Head of our New York office, joins a panel conversation with SketchUp’s Aaron Dietzen, and Enscape’s Roderick Bates to discuss virtual mockups as a critical part of the design and delivery process.

Demonstrating how virtual mockups are a viable alternative to traditional physical mockups, the discussion centres on the opportunities to reduce cost and accelerate the design and construction process for projects of all scales.

This webinar is presented by Enscape, an industry-leading architectural software company

The design technology our teams use is essential to driving better collaboration, greater visibility, more accessible decision-making, stronger coordination, and overall cost savings. We integrate technology from the very start of a project and utilise it throughout every stage.

As industry leaders in 3D, 4D and 5D modelling and virtual reality, we use big data to deliver informed design solutions for our global clients.

We continually experiment to find unique new ways to collaborate and communicate.

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