AIA International Spring Conference 2023

We recently hosted a thought-provoking event that brought together industry leaders to discuss the pressing issue of sustainable development. Director Dr. Christine Bruckner, shared valuable insights on COP27, the United Nations climate conference, and the possibility of a sustainable future through changing behaviours and practices in the building industry.

During the event, Dr. Bruckner emphasised the importance of adaptive and resilient development in tackling the challenges of climate change. Engaging in a conversation with Associate Professor Illya Azaroff, she highlighted the need for a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, including the private sector, to ensure a successful transition to a sustainable and safe future.

As the world faces an increasing urgency to address climate change, events like the AIA International Spring Conference provide a platform for industry experts from around the globe to exchange ideas and strategies, encouraging collaboration towards a common goal.

AIA International Spring Conference 2023
Sustainable design M Moser Hong Kong

At M Moser Associates, we’re pioneering new methods of design and construction, cutting waste and working to shift industry standards to build a net-zero future together with our partners and clients. Proud to have hosted such a valuable event, we look forward to continuing our efforts together with the AIA towards mitigating the effects of climate change and achieving the 2030 climate challenge.

This commitment to sustainability and wellness for the individual in the workplace as well as for the planet as a whole is a paramount consideration in all areas of our work and is a guiding principle in our creation of effective workplace environment.

Moira Moser