Alongside Zhi Xing Xiao Zheng, China’s largest vertical platform for corporate admin and facility management professionals, M Moser co-hosted a sharing event inviting corporate representatives from across the Greater Bay Area. The event, centred around “Driving performance through workplace design”, approached the discussion from many perspectives.

More and more enterprises wish to strengthen their unique culture and enhance employees’ sense of belonging and identity. M Moser has been addressing this goal in both our thinking and actual workplace projects.

Lawrence Lok, Director, Workplace Strategy, M Moser Associates
MMoser team

Speakers from vivo, GoPro, China Resources Mixc Lifestyle, AECOM and a renowned global medical company, joined moderator Lawrence Lok, to share insights from organisational development, corporate culture and budget management perspectives. Jason Chiang, Workplace Strategy, Associate Director, gave a talk on, “activating internal and external resources to create a win-win office environment.”

MMoser team

Dialogue | Facilitating organisation development and company culture through design

Moderator: Lawrence Lok

  • Allen Xu, Facility Manager, Global Medical Company
  • Stella Liu, Administration Manager, GoPro APAC
  • Kong En’guang, Infrastructure Project Leader, vivo

The work environment plays a strategic role in the development of a company. It affects how employees feel, perform and their sense of belonging. The first session discussed the evolution of admin and facility management functions, as well as how to support long-term business growth through effective workplace solutions.


Dialogue | Strengthening admin’s functional performance through strategic operations and cost control

Moderator: Lawrence Lok

  • Joy Chen, Administration Leaders, AECOM China
  • Peggy Pan, Operations Management Director, China Resources Mixc Lifestyle

The second session focused on real-world challenges and best practices for space rental, planning, design, change management and operations. It also stressed the importance of meeting the diverse needs of employees to create truly human-centric environments.


Talk | Activating internal and external resources to create a win-win office environment

The rapid development of enterprise has placed higher demands on admin and facility management departments. Jason Chiang shared the importance of providing support for internal development and leveraging internal and external resources, encouraging learning and collaboration to self-empower. Chiang used M Moser’s latest research, case studies and the 2020 Asia Pacific “Future of work” survey as he explained the new shift.

The knowledge-sharing event was held at our newly-opened Shenzhen living lab. Stay tuned for more insights.

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