Invited by Shui On Land, M Moser’s Workplace Strategy Director, Jason Chiang, joined the Future City Forum in Shanghai as part of the 20th anniversary of Shui On’s Xintiandi brand and the establishment of the Shanghai Xintiandi development.

Companies are working towards improving workplace happiness and a sense of belonging. These qualities, although hard to measure, are what’s really going to matter.

Jason Chiang, Director, Workplace Strategy, M Moser Associates

At the panel, Chiang spoke about the direction and challenges of the future workplace. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the demand for smart workplaces, helping to create environments that meet people’s expectation for health and safety.

Chiang also mentioned that as the workforce becomes younger and user profiles become more diverse, future workplaces are putting a stronger emphasis on culture to attract talent who share the company’s values.

Other panelists included Xinshi Tong (CMO, Great Place to Work), Wu Zhengrui (VP of Business Development, IWBI Asia), and Xu Ling (Administration Head, PwC).

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Jason Chiang

About Future City Forum 2021

Organised by Xintiandi and Bloomberg Business Week China, the Future City Forum invites youth entrepreneurs, internet start-up founders, artists and city builders to discuss the history, growth and sustainable strength of a city.

Images courtesy of Bloomberg Business Week China

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