M Moser experts shared their latest insights and smart office solutions, which are set to become key integrations in the workplace of the future, with industry professionals and clients at the Shanghai Smart Office Technology Exhibition from 2-4 September.


office space design
office space design

Technology is rapidly developing, both in perception and implementation, thus enabling more convenient and efficient user experiences. As such, its integration in the workplace should be about serving businesses and their people.

Through a series of panel discussions and interactive spatial experiences, M Moser strategists, technologists, and client representatives offered a variety of seasoned perspectives to address a fundamental challenge: How can technology become part of the overall workplace journey seamlessly?

Elaine Fang

Talk: Approaching smart workplace with a renewed mindset

Discussing the significance of synergising new technologies with wellness elements in the workplace, Elaine Fang, Associate, Workplace Strategy, examined the common difficulties faced by organisations and provided practical solutions to such challenges.

“We should not use technology just for the sake of using it,” she says. “It’s our responsibility to reflect on why we choose to adopt it, because ultimately, it should be about serving businesses and their people.” Fang demonstrated specific use cases wherein technology, created by M Moser and implemented in several projects, delivers truly progressive and efficient work environments by virtue of facial recognition, motion sensors, and beacons to find and book workstations.

Hong Jiang

Panel: What drives the transformation of ideal workplace?

M Moser Director of Workplace Technology, Hong Jiang, followed Fang’s presentation with a roundtable discussion addressing the impact of smart office technology on the future of workplace environments. He joined Cai Jiawei, CEO of China’s learning and growth platform, Zhi Xing Xiao Zheng, along with other industry experts.

“The smart office is more than just a showcase product,” Hong Jiang shares. “It needs to the fulfil the actual needs of its occupants in a way that improves their productivity and work experience – an inherent motivation for our teams at M Moser to design and build smart workplaces.” In the context of our world’s recent challenges, Hong Jiang followed up with a pressing thought: “People are under immense social pressure. What if they could find a space in their office that can help release stress and provide a healing experience? This is the next frontier of technology that we continue to explore.”

office space design
office space design

Experience: Using technology for peace and quiet

Building on Fang’s and Hong Jiang’s valuable insights, as well as market research conducted by M Moser experts, the team invited exhibition visitors inside its next-generation “quiet room” to experience five soothing ambiance: ‘Starry Night’, ‘Forests’, ‘Mountains’, ‘Beaches’, and ‘By Default’. Intertwining videos, sound, and colour-adjusted lighting based on each theme, the room offers a tranquil environment for people to meditate, relax, or simply achieve undisrupted focus work.

office space design - quiet room

Considering the rapid development of technology, M Moser continues to integrate advanced technology to deliver innovative workplace solutions to global clients, creating future-proofed environments that offer safe, efficient, and interactive experiences to their people.

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