As featured in “Covid Stories from Designers Around The Globe”, M Moser Director, International Projects, Kahn Yoon, discusses the impact of the global pandemic on workplace design.

It’s a wake-up call instigating a paradigm shift to demand and implement workplaces with reduced carbon footprint with net positive impact to the environment, and with a strong focus on wellness and safety of employees.

Kahn Yoon, Director, International Projects

Yoon shares, “The future workplace will consist of a central office, home and decentralised offices that will become destinations to experience a sense of belonging to a work community. Footprints will reduce in the central location with satellite offices in co-working spaces catering to community-centric employees. In time, like-minded organisations with mutual opportunities may set up space sharing schemes across different locations.”

Joining experts from across the industry, Yoon explores “Compliance and Complacency” alongside topics including; resilience, nordic work-life, devices and diversity.

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