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Recently, at Shenzhen Creative Week 2020, M Moser shared its workplace design expertise and insights through an exhibition, presentation and panel discussion. Attendees included a range of industry peers, clients and academic researchers.

Nobody knows what the future workplace will look like, but the principles of human-centric design remain strong.

Exhibition | Creating a healing work environment

Conceived by Brand Experience, Addy Walcott, Designer, Robert Dani and Workplace Strategy Associate Director, Ana Wong, our exhibition booth “The Cloud: A Resonating Space” featured three themed rooms: RESET, CO-CREATE and CONNECT. Combining physical, social and digital design concepts, the space addresses wellbeing and human connection to create a work environment where users feel both cared for and inspired.

office workplace design

Key concepts of “The Cloud” were introduced in a live presentation, accompanied by a video story of the design process. M Moser also led an audience and media tour of the space to explore its features.

Click here to watch the video on YouKu

Knowledge-sharing + Panel | Embracing collaborative partnerships for future work environments

In addition to the exhibition, Workplace Strategy Associate Director, Jason Chiang also spoke at the Workplace Forum for Commercial Office Real Estate. In “Pathfinding in the new era of commercial real estate— creating user experiences to synergise stakeholders”, he discussed how to support office property tenants with effective workplace design solutions. Chiang shed light on workplace design trends as well as a need to consolidate industry resources to facilitate future development.

Using project examples including Diageo, the PwC PlayLab and Kai Hua Group Central Tower, Chiang explored how interweaving brand, technology, user journey and community building can create more connected work environments.

Jason Chiang Shenzhen
Nancy Liu Shenzhen

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