Change management

Helping people understand change

When we partner with a client to deliver change management, we help their people understand how and why the workplace is changing, and the value of that change. As a result, we enable your business to connect people with a vision they can buy into. Our change management services begin with workplace strategy and continue through project completion and beyond.

When businesses approach change sensitively, they can improve employee retention, reduce resistance and increase adoption. So, this mitigates many of the risks. As a design firm focused on people, we believe thoughtful change management is a critical component of healthy, successful businesses.


Workplace change management services

Our scope includes:

  1. Preparation
    – Define the current, transition and future states
    – Identify anticipated areas of resistance
    – Set the change management team structure
    – Prepare the change management team
    – Find sponsors, assess their support and competencies
  2. Planning
    – Build the communications plan
    – Sponsor the roadmap internally
    – Create and deliver a coaching plan
    – Make a resistance management plan
    – Build and distribute a training plan
  3. Execution
    – Prepare communications and engagement activities
    – Roll out communications and engagement activities
    – Collect and analyse feedback
    – Diagnose gaps and manage resistance
    – Measure adoption of change and usage
    – Develop a corrective action plan
    – Implement corrective actions and celebrate success
    – Move to new “business as usual”

Our goal in change management is to understand, plan, communicate, implement, and uphold the values and vision of the project. This ensures better outcomes, and smoother transitions to new ways of working.

Firstly, we consider the client’s business, the degree of change, people involved, anticipated level of resistance, and required behavioural changes when developing strategies. Then, we then collaborate closely with internal teams and stakeholders to ensure consistent messaging when they effect change within their teams.

Lastly, we measure the success of change management by using data and technology tools such as space utilisation studies and surveys. By keeping a keen eye on success metrics, we can iterate and adapt our approach to suit business needs and team behaviours.

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