M Moser Associates is honoured to have contributed to the design of Dyson’s new global headquarters in the restored St James Power Station, Singapore. Officially opened on 25 March, this 110,000 sq. ft national monument is now home to Dyson’s tech-enabled sustainable campus.

Workplace design for Dyson

Environmentally conscious and understanding of the existing historical structure, this new headquarters is an inspiration for sustainable workplaces and preserving local heritage. It marks the start of the next chapter for Dyson as a global technology company.

Staircase in Singapore office design for Dyson

…We are honoured to be the custodians of this cathedral-like building; it’s rich history and architectural heritage will serve as a most inspiring backdrop as we pursue revolutionary new technologies.

Sir James Dyson, Founder and Chairman, Dyson

Here are a few notable mentions about the grand launch of Dyson’s new global headquarters:


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