TVB, one of Hong Kong’s most popular news and information channels interviews Director, Wing Leung. As part of its “Future Scope”, the platform explores M Moser’s aspirations and vision for the future workplace.

With a focus on Millennials and Gen Z talent, the interview addresses the expectations influencing how organisations are designing and operating their offices. This includes staff mobility, social amenities and wellbeing.

office space design

“How can you recruit talent and motivate people to work for you?” says M Moser Director, Wing Leung. “They need to know that it’s not about needing to adapt to the future workplace. It’s about the company and office policies supporting and empowering them to do their best work.”

TVB also highlights our work on Roche‘s pilot future workplace in Hong Kong, including flexible work and social spaces, and advanced technology. “What we’ve seen in this new office is the freedom we’ve given people has actually inspired them to do more in their work,” shares Roche General Manager, Daniel Thurley. “If you’re in an environment that makes you feel inspired, I believe your work will be inspired. This has helped us attract talent, and will help us retain talent.”

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