Senior Associate, Raquel Machado recently participated in Savills‘ podcast, No Stone Unturned, with host Charlotte Harmsen. They discussed workplace strategy, office flexibility and the importance of involving staff in building the best office for them.

When designing an office, you need to understand the people who will use it – they are the heart and soul of the organisation. You want to attract and retain talent, so look at what they need from an office space.

Raquel Machado, Senior Associate, Design

No Stone Unturned: ‘An office shouldn’t be over-designed, but have room for development’

Raquel proposes that real estate investors and operators should remain flexible when searching for the ideal office space. She emphasises the importance of involving people in the design process while leaving room for growth and development.

Demonstrating how M Moser tests its workplace solutions across its living labs, Raquel shares insight into the design of the latest office in Amsterdam. “The key is to start with a vision but allow for changes as needed. When designing an office, it is crucial to understand the needs of the people who will use it and to involve everyone in the process.”

The pandemic has changed the function of the office and the expectation that people are returning primarily to socialise is also starting to shift. Raquel adds that people come to the office to focus on work, and a well-designed space can provide better conditions for this than working from home.

You start with a vision: where do you want to go? You have to involve everyone in the design, from intern to director. They can help you get there, and explain how the office connects everyone.

Raquel Machado, Senior Associate, Design

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