Creating elevating experiences for Titanians


Today, Titan is India’s leading producer and retailer of watches, jewellery, eyewear and accessories. With an international presence spanning across more than 2,000 stores in over 30 countries, Titan is also Tata’s largest consumer goods company.

The business vision and mission has always been a central focus for Titan and it continues to place significant value on its people. Managing Director, Bhaskar Bhat, and his team therefore needed to address this in the new headquarters.


Creating elevating experiences for Titanians section
Creating elevating experiences for Titanians section

We create elevating experiences for the people we touch and significantly impact the world we work in. We do this through a pioneering spirit and a caring, value-driven culture that fosters innovation, drives performance and ensures the highest global standards in everything we do.”

M Moser played a vital role in bringing to life Titan’s vision, alongside spearheading the transformation of their workspace, with tools such as interactive workshops, interviews, focus group activities and through design. The new campus has enabled Titan to:

  • Create elevating experiences for their own employees by blurring the lines between hospitality and the workplace.
  • Become pioneers in sustainability through the use of local and sustainable materials, facilitating proximity to nature and using ceiling fans which circulate natural air to eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • Foster innovation and performance via flexible work settings that encourage both focused and collaborative work.
  • Further encourage a “flat hierarchy” system, which implies that a manager is part of the team and should, therefore, be seated with them; even MD Bhaskar Bhat sits in the open plan.
Creating elevating experiences for Titanians section
Creating elevating experiences for Titanians section

Titan’s new headquarters speaks to the highest global standards in sustainability and innovative design. A pioneer among workspaces that pursue excellence beyond just the physical space, the new Titan office pushes the boundaries of intelligent design while making an international mark in the world of transformative workspaces.


  • Status In progress
  • Area 200,000 sq-ft
  • Completion date 2018
  • Location Bangalore
  • Photographer Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


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