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What is brand experience? Experiential office design explained

This article breaks down what a brand experience is and answers why it’s critical in office design. We also examine six elements to consider for your space.

What is brand experience in office design?

A logo immediately identifies a brand, but its personality is much more nuanced. Brands come to life when people connect companies with experiences – which we can break down into a series of touchpoints. “Brand experience is the sum of all the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions that individuals have in response to a brand.”

It’s a form of experiential marketing which aims to create an emotional connection between the brand and its customer. Ultimately, the goal is a memorable customer journey.

To design the customer journey in the context of an office, we identify the emotions people should feel and the impression the company wants to make. Then, in collaboration with the interior design and architecture teams we design the brand experience.

Why do you need to create a brand experience?

An exceptional customer journey produces a lasting impression that:

  • Creates positive feelings
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Encourages brand loyalty.

An effective brand experience strategy explores creative ways of connecting with the target audience. Impactful connections are rewarded by improved loyalty and better engagement.

Employees are valuable brand ambassadors. When done right, companies can rely on staff to talk positively to others, increasing brand awareness and shaping public perceptions.

At M Moser we believe people are at the heart of every company. Our approach focuses on delivering environments which support innovation and push your company towards bigger goals. We can help make your workspace a place to build relationships, collaborate and feel inspired.

How do you create a brand experience?

Your office design should be consistent with your brand image, culture and values. A great brand experience adds an extra layer of depth, with bespoke details that make the space enjoyable to use. Our team of specialists ensure the brand experience meets your project goals.

Here are six elements of brand experience in office design to think about:

1. Interactive experiences and installations

Innovations in technology are helping us create more immersive workplace experiences. People want their spaces to be memorable and unique.

Digital installations can connect your employees with remote partners and customers, whereas physical installations add a sculptural element. From live display boards showing the latest events, to interactive light installations that respond to movement. We work with you to create unique experiences that leave a lasting impression.

interactive installation tunnel of light Digital installation - Tunnel of light creating a memorable arrival experience
pencil wall to enhance brand experience Installation - Wall made from 20,000 pencils
digital interactive wall display Digital wall - Creating a connected experience

2. Signage and wayfinding

Signage and wayfinding will help communicate how to use your space effectively, while also tying closely into the look-and-feel of your brand.

We can develop comprehensive signage systems and plan for multiple-user journeys by assessing the spatial needs of your people. Our design solutions align with your brand while making it easy to navigate a space.

brand experience article signage image Wayfinding - Map for finding your way around the office
custom boards for signage Signage - Custom boards
signage and wayfinding neon branding Signage - Neon branding

3. Environmental graphics

Graphics engage and draw us in. Additionally, they add another means to communicate business culture, purpose and message.

Environmental graphics take many forms, but their primary goal is to tie a design scheme to the brand that owns it. In an office, they may include a combination of paint and graphic wall finishes to add character, or glass films to bring privacy to a meeting room.

Enhance the workplace environment with graphics that express scale, energy, movement and texture.

environmental graphics Graphics - Paint effects drawing people into the office
environmental graphics quote Messaging - Displaying company culture and values
environmental graphics paint effect Graphic - Bold paint effects
glass manifestation with privacy film Manifestation - Privacy film on glass

4. Art curation and artist collaborations

Art can tell powerful stories. Working with local artists is also an exciting way to connect with local culture and create something unique. We will engage your people in workshops, then collaborate with artists to elevate the space.

Art curation means selecting work to be displayed throughout the office, whereas artist collaborations involves commissioning bespoke work which becomes a part of the workplace.

Ultimately, our focus is to curate and install art that connects with people and enhances your brand.

environmental graphic illustration Illustration - Meeting room wall at Hang Seng, Hong Kong
workplace art curation Curation - Art by @rippleroot
environmental graphics mural in the office Mural - Art by @chloe_studios
environmental graphic illustration Illustration - Work in progress

5. Brand accessories

Accessories tell a story about the owner, providing the finishing touch to a space and completing the brand experience. We’ll collaborate with you to create that authentic ‘lived-in’ aesthetic with accessories that truly represents your brand.

Some accessories have utility, while others are purely for decoration. They can add to the mood, support comfort or encourage connection. For example, we might accessorise a relaxation space with plenty of soft throws, cushions and interesting books to encourage people to stay a while.

brand experience accessories statue in the office Accessories - Johnnie Walker brand figurine at Diageo, Singapore
brand experience accessories in the office Accessories - shelf of brand inspired ornaments at Diageo, Singapore

6. Design guidelines

Providing a similar brand experience anywhere in the world is crucial for our global clients. You want people to walk into any office and immediately feel at home. So to help you create a consistent brand experience over multiple sites, we can create brand experience design guidelines to streamline the project process.

However, no two projects are exactly the same. While local nuances mean you have to tackle each project individually – design guidelines are a valuable starting point that can save you time on briefing and discovery.

brand experience design guidelines Guidelines - developed for Hend House, London

In conclusion, brand experience in office design can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Ultimately, your workplace needs to be inspiring in order to get the best out of people, and we can help you explore the potential of immersive environments.

Thinking about elevating your brand experience? Get in touch with our team to explore ideas for your business.

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