Ifma award

Honouring best practices in facility management across the Asia Pacific region, the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Hong Kong Chapter recognised our work with AllianceBerstein, Shanghai with an award for its excellence in collaborative partnership.

office space design
office workplace design

A key lesson in achieving collective success was to define a major point of contact and establish clear flow of decision making to facilitate problem solving.

Ifma award
MMoser team - Alliance Bernstein certificate

Envisioned as a testing ground for AllianceBerstein’s further expansion in mainland China, this new workplace transforms the employee experience by embracing flexible working. It received the recognition for its swift and effective collaboration strategy following the COVID-19 outbreak, when the move-in was scheduled.

To address the challenge, the team quickly developed an online collaboration protocol for every party involved, taking different forms of communication at different stages. The collaboration efforts have played a strong role in mitigating move-in resistance during a critical global crisis, contributing to high levels of operational satisfaction amongst end users.

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