Esteemed as Australia’s peak international design endorsement programme, this year’s 2020 Good Design Award honours our work with Beam Suntory for delivering an immersive office journey that interweaves unique elements of art, wellness, and social experiences.

The Good Design Award Jury praised our progressive design by commenting on four key elements: “This new workplace successfully celebrates the company’s East-meets-West culture; the bespoke artworks and features reflect the company’s purpose effectively; it’s an aesthetically pleasing and functional design outcome; a welcoming space for all users.”

office interior design
office space design
office interior design

It’s an honour to be recognised for our international design excellence again in Australia, and we look forward to supporting more clients across the region.

Kahn Yoon, Director, International Projects

Competing in the “Architectural Design” category, this award builds on last year’s recognition, when our Diageo project received the 2019 Australian Good Design Award in the same category.

Showcasing “superior examples of good design to a national and international audience”, the Australia Good Design Award programme provides the opportunity to continue highlighting our international design excellence, as well as our commitment to fostering a culture of design thinking, creativity, and innovation in Australia and across the region.

About Beam Suntory

Combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky after forming a new company in 2014, Beam Suntory wanted to reflect its 200 years of cultural history in a new, socially vibrant workplace. We addressed this objective with a design-build solution that creatively celebrates the company’s East-meets-West culture and honours its lifelong purpose of inspiring human connections.

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