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We’re excited to have been appointed to lead the design of Nasdaq’s worldwide headquarters located at 151 West 42nd Street, Times Square in New York City. The expanded workplace features three new floors spanning 85,348 sq.ft, and unifying three satellite offices into one centralised hub.

Empowering employees to be champions of workplace transformation is our number one priority in designing Nasdaq’s new headquarters.

Grant Christofely, Senior Associate, Workplace Strategy

Grant Christofely shares, “Ultimately, transformation is a two-way street. Each employee should be able to realise their full potential in a transformational business environment, and their workplace should arm them with the tools and flexibility needed to thrive.”

The new headquarters is set to create a safe, healthy, fun and productive work environment to enable the success of Nasdaq associates. The design features a range of multifunctional, flexible meeting spaces and social hubs connected by a staircase to foster un-siloed creativity and cross-team collaboration.

The new office is due to open its doors in Q1, 2021. Keep an eye out for more updates on this project.

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