Earth day 2021 graphic

How can we live green and sustainable lives at work? In honour of Earth Day 2021, themed “Restore Our Earth,” our Wellness and Brand Experience teams have developed digital assets to help encourage eco-friendly work environments.

Creating sustainable work environments has been an essential part of our ethos. We practise environmental-friendly concepts in our own offices and also strive to do the same for our global clients to support responsible business growth.

Moira Moser, Chairman & Founder, M Moser Associates

With nine actionable tips and facts, we’ve created a series of digital-first posters featuring steps to take at both individual and organisational levels to protect our planet. These principles have been put into practice in our own workplaces and those of our clients.

Reducing reusing and recycling Earth Day 2021 poster
Earth Day 2021 using less plastics poster
Earth Day 2021 saving energy saving earth poster
Earth Day 2021 travelling greener poster
Earth Day 2021 meeting virtually poster
Earth Day 2021 thinking eco locally poster
Earth Day 2021 indoor air quality poster
Earth Day 2021 green community poster
Earth Day 2021 poster sharing the message poster

You can download the digital posters at the links below:

Download in English
Download in Simplified Chinese
Download in Traditional Chinese

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