Chairman and Founder, Moira Moser received AmCham’s Women of Influence award for ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ in 2004. As a past WOI winner, she was invited to join an AmCham virtual ‘fireside chat’ with CEO of Habitat for Humanity HK, Jo Hayes, taking people on a journey of workplace architecture from multiple perspectives.

Just keep going. That doesn’t mean in a straight line. It means move ahead. Even if it’s only one step…and you have to take a side step, just keep going.

Moira Moser, Chairman & Founder, M Moser Associates

The conversation started with Moira’s childhood aspiration to be an architect and how she pushed past the barriers that came her way – eventually becoming a project architect, arriving in Hong Kong and starting M Moser Associates. Moira shared about the many women leaders at M Moser who have also taken initiative and expanded our reach, growing and leading global teams.


For those starting out, Moira emphasised the significance of recognising the potential of each individual and giving them the tools to grow in their strengths, which in turn contributes to the company.

During the Q&A session, Moira brought her perspective on the ever-changing nature of work. Workplace design and strategy moving forward will prioritise adaptability. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s about finding what works best for each client and creating an environment for their people to work to their maximum potential.

Watch Moira and Jo’s fireside chat below:

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