Director of Workplace Strategy & Change, Bhavna Singhal and Associate Director of Design, Emily West took part in the REwork APAC Summit 2022 in Sydney, leading a discussion about workplace transformation.

“To attract a broader pool of talent and enhance the talent acquisition process, we should create a distributed, digitally connected workforce that can choose where they do their best work.”

Emily West, Associate Director of Design

Bhavna and Emily took the stage to explore five global trends sparking transformation in the industry. These include; talent distribution, technology implementation, post-pandemic needs, inclusivity in the workplace, and multi-generational teams.

They emphasised how organisations can use these themes to reframe their working patterns and access a diverse, distributed, and multi-generational workforce. Simultaneously, they encouraged all leaders to engage with their team members, offer spaces that meet neurodiversity needs and prioritise wellness through sustainable design solutions.

In addition, they highlighted the crucial role of technology in the transition from traditional to flexible workplaces.

“Fully flexible work is not only about the physical office. If you want to go flex, you must embrace the entire concept of flexibility.”

Bhavna Singhal, Director of Workplace Strategy & Change

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